The bright day blew a warm breeze across my naked body.  I wondered if the butterflies in my stomach were causing my panties to get wet – it couldn’t be his hand.    Was it my period or something even more sinister? The carpet of green spring grasses and tiny flowers was soft and smelled  lovely…and that blue sky!

Then a female voice reached my ears and stopped the honey bee song: “Get away from her you bad boy…what are you doing?  And YOU are nothing but a tramp in training!

I didn’t even know what a Tramp was, but I knew it was bad and something I didn’t want to be;  I asked my Mother why Mrs. Jones called me that and then sent me home.

Mother’s eyes got big: “Don’t tell your father.”

Why would I tell him anyway?


Like many of you I was never given the SACRED WORDS that described the biology of puberty’s gifts. These words are SACRED because they inform.  Information leads to power and Women who recognize the SACRED in BEAUTY & PLEASURE are powerful.

Here is a quote from an ARTSY article:

What Depictions of Medusa Say about the Way Society Views Powerful Women – Artsy

“Yet the fears embodied by Medusa are two-pronged: The sexually independent woman is dangerous, but so, too, is the politically independent one. For centuries, women in power (or fighting for power) have been compared to Medusa, from Marie Antoinette to the suffragettes. Johnston suggests an exercise: Google any famous woman’s name, from Angela Merkel to Nancy Pelosi, along with the word “Medusa.”




4 thoughts on “BEAUTY & PLEASURE = DANGER?!!!

  1. Indeed, I do agree that words which inform us, as well as beauty and pleasure, are sacred gifts and those who truly recognize these as gifts are blessed because gratitude profoundly changes perception. I believe people who are grateful tend to use the power they have for the greater good.


  2. Even today..the Sacred Words are so often not given to our young girls…and Often I feel there is still a need for that young one within each of us to hear them in a profound ceremonial way on some level. To have that gift given even if one is old. It could be part of a healing/witnessing ceremony we offer one another as women for the claiming of our own value and the sacredness of the gifts we have given during our lives from JOY and fulfillment to birthing children ………..


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